Secure Unified Communications for regulated industries.

Carrier grade reliability for anyone considering private cloud topology for organizational communications. Provides jurisdictional control over the technology & License origination within the European Union.

  • Secure Messaging system for:
    • Banking institutions that can exceed  >50million clients
    • Research parks & intra-corporation collaboration
    • Large scale healthcare networks
    • National communications systems –
      • Multi-agency secure collaboration
      • One to many broadcasting —> citizen notifications
      • Military service messaging 
      • Lawful interception / Escrow encryption 
  • Private cloud technology for government organizations
  • WebRTC technology for web based voice/video channels
  • API’s for secure chat systems with escrow options
  • Extreme scale for 10’s millions of accounts

We deliver our platform through two primary methods:

  • As a Managed Service on your Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Managed on our Pronto! Cloud under the jurisdiction of Luxembourg

Over 17,000 organizations trust CommuniGate© Pro for their secure collaboration system each day.