When will Watson be hungry?


This week many geeks traveled to IBM Paris in search of intelligence.  Something a bit more; more than what we we have seen as glorified scripts and hashing tables today. Somehow all of us geeks are expecting to walk in to some demo and “finally” the computer will speak and think, not in feeble steps, but somehow in a way that will shock us to gratification.

Of course I am taking about the IBM Watson partner event!  This was an opportunity to see what is new in the “Big Blue” world of Artificial Intelligence or “cognitive” as they coin it these days. For some of us geeks we simply are salivating for the day when we get some sort of response from AI that makes one snap to attention in surprise. That would be the moment of unexpected capitulation that the machine has indeed crossed a crevice that brings us pleasure that we have finally spawned a new form of life. Until then there are some truly amazing advances or steps that demonstrate how we can be more responsive to big data and complexities in the world we live in so far!


Most interesting for many of us was the assortment of cakes and cookies. Ahhh….got you on that one; just to see if you are reading. Well there were some really amazing French pastries  and the presentations that actually made them better was where we got to see Watson in action!  I really have had more power points in my life than pain chocolat; so being able to get real examples was the highlight of the event for me.

Several partners showed us how interactions with customers can be streamlined and that of course had me thinking about Customer Experience and the Contact Center issues we all face today. Specifically authentication, validation, and routing to the right knowledge bases.

Stay tuned as we will be making a few steps of our own in the direction of cognitive capabilities for better workflows in the Contact Center. Leaving the Watson Partner event that evening we had a good time thinking about how Watson would grow over the next 10 years and learn about us and our world. I wondered if he indeed became aware of himself and the environment around him; would he too be more inclined to ask for brownies or macaroons if he had the choice? Would he be hungry in the sense of interest to taste vs. pure nourishment? We indeed learned a good deal at the event and we pass our gratitudes over to our partner colleagues in the IBM French team!

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