Unified Communications as a Service – Pronto! Cloud

Our end to end Unified Communications technology begins with the platform CommuniGate Pro. The system enables large scale Unified Communications with open API’s for integration into business applications.

CommuniGate Pro scales dynamically to 100’s of millions of accounts. Ideally suitable for “Nation” scale alert systems, multimodal communications within web applications, or compartmentalized high-security network topologies.

However, big scale does not mean trade-offs on efficiency or reliability. The platform is extremely agile for resilient applications in military or embedded environments. CommuniGate Pro is approved for governmental agency use in Europe and in the USA.

Military, transportation and research center use is legendary for mind bending stability with uptimes like VMS. CommuniGate Pro enables banks to deploy mail to millions of clients for online self care while respecting compliance regulations.

The signaling features of the server can be deployed in a hybrid system of Unix, BSD, or Linux in our Dynamic Cluster with dozens of instances. Yet with elegance, CommuniGate Pro can scale down on RaspberryPI or realtime (RTOS) platforms. This demonstrates the possibilities for embedded systems topologies used in healthcare or defense system devices.

Communigate Pro provides Unified Communication services:

  • Signaling support for WebRTC
  • WebAPI or IMAP Mail Storage
  • SIP signaling
  • Access Control rules
  • Protocol TLS certificate support
  • iOS / Android 2FA (Touch ID / FaceID)
  • S/MIME CA with Escrow support
  • API for Python, Perl and more

Our Pronto! web client technology allows you to control the branding and feature set exposed to the user. WebRTC support is perfect for private cloud secure communications deployment with customization potential.

  • Integrate into self care portals
  • Website call center messaging
  • End to end encryption
  • Alerts by notification systems
  • Secure biometric authentication
  • Integration to directory systems

Presence information directs media like voice calls or voicemail
Scheduling information is synchronized to mobile clients with alert support

Pronto! Cloud is Unified Communications as a Service. We provide a managed service for your system on our private cloud in Luxembourg.