Reducing fraud one finger at a time

The top security issue banks and financial departments have today is prevention of fraud at the contact center. Conversely, for us consumers calling into get support or discuss payments with a billing center is painful. The IVR hell and hoops agents make us go thru is time consuming and frustration galore. With all the tricks of fraud today, we are asked to say not just ever more complex passphrase info, but we are now asked to reveal personal info too. Like what we like or not.

Our mobile loyalty app framework is a turn key solution that reduces pain in identity or transaction approval challenges, while delivering a robust anti-fraud system. It works like this. When you call into the Contact Center and identify yourself with traditional means or by the caller ID of the phone you are using the agent can send a push notification to your Biometric enabled device. This device is registered to you, and will be promoted to scan your finger. Upon a successful Biometric conformation on the mobile device the Agent is informed that you are indeed whom you claim to be.

The same mechanism can be used for transactions or alerts. Couple examples of that are stuff we see more and ore of these days. Like your credit card being blocked because of suspicious activity and having to either call into the bank, or click things off an email or SMS. But also just like you can make purchases in the Apple iTunes store, imagine now you can also approve transactions while on a call with billing department or bank teller.


Biometrics poster ainimated faster

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