peekaboo – I see what you do!

Most of us have lifestyles that are merged; meaning we use communications tools that float between the stuff that we do for work and our personal contacts. Unfortunately, that often times means that other people have access or “could” gain access to our devices that usually contain sensitive information. Sometimes intrusions are malicious in their intent, but other times it is just kids having fun. Either way, our business communication apps today usually reside on a multitude of devices making the challenges of access control multi-fold.

Recently we have added more controls in our Pronto! mobile applications that are Biometric and provide an additional layer of security to your secure business communications. Many times, whether we like to admit this or not, we provide loved ones with our device PIN code allowing full access to the devices we use as we move from personal to business activities. While I am not going to get into the debate around that right now, I think it would be safe to say this is really not a good thing, especially when you think that most documents, presentations and other materials that contain IPR and company information are rarely locked themselves with security. We have become a Cloud enabled society and what floats around can rain down on your head when you do not have some protection.

Pronto! Biometric lockAs with all security measures there is a fine balance between the human methods of operation or behaviors in the workplace matched up with good technology. Each must contribute, or they become the weak link in the chain. Remember the scotch tape and little pieces of paper under the desk with passwords in the old days? It is no different than letting our kids play with the photos on our phones using the PIN code that potentially un-locks much more than should ever be responsibly revealed. We help organizations improve security with mobile loyalty apps that enable contact center environments to have better user experiences that are not burdensome yet provide higher accountability.

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