Multi-Tenant Contact Center

Providing a SaaS solution at scale is more about change management than what sort of redundancy or virtualization you choose. In the CCTR (Contact Center) spectrum of the market a Cloud solution has to be highly flexible and adapt to ever changing environments. While some enterprise CCTR deployments might appear on the “face of it” to be similar, likewise CRM or telecom, each will have unique IVR structures, agent topologies, and skills based routing that differ. This of course means if you want to provide a Cloud based CCTR offering the reality is each and every instance or customer will have unique configurations that demand a multi-tenant platform.

datacenter-01-01Often times we find in the data center many “solution applications” which are intended for a single “domain” or company because the architecture is simply not a platform with multi-tenancy capabilities. Problems begin for managed services for even single enterprises as the grow and demand solutions that can segment yet provide a system image of the organization. Good example of that is expansion internationally, or mergers with new requirements. With that in mind, the work around it deploying an instance of a server for each domain. Many if not all major VoIP backends are like that, making complex VoIP applications with any significant IVR or web logic more difficult to support as a Cloud system for 1,000’s of clients.

A true hosting platform would have the ability to define realms (domains) each of which having their own administrators and users as a core function. Further, a hosting platform will also have an architecture that can mange multi-telcos with parallel billing and redundancy. At CommuniGate Systems we take it even a step further and enable each container to have its own brand and applications that run independently of other domain realms, yet run on that same “CGatePro system image”. That way fully white label, yet manageable at extreme scale with thousands of domains on a single Dynamic Cluster image.

CommuniGate Pro was built for hosting and has a full programming environment that delivers capabilities at scale no other Contact Center solution for application hosting providers can match. What this means is that you can have applications built for HealthCare running while also servicing FinTech needs with completely different applications all running on one Dynamic Cluster as a Cloud platform. Now, as change management comes into play, machines and applications can be changed with no downtime. Yeah, zero downtime is really how a Cloud solution should perform. Users do not want hear about “being offline on the weekend for maintenance”. Unfortunately many of the large Cloud based systems out there today simply do not provide uptime that a hosting platform must have.

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CGate Multi-tenant platform

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