Lessons learned under confinement

Today was the first time for many of us to venture outside without the “shelter in place” rules. For many weeks in Europe it was required to have a “slip of paper” explaining who you were, why you were outside, and what time you left and when you would return home. Kind of like a “high school hall pass”!

Some interesting social changes manifested themselves over the period of confinement. I for one like that we see most people now taking their shoes off before entering the home. In my building there are “piles” of shoes in front of each doorstep. I am also “all in” on the added attention people have with washing their hands and being more civil with one another! Hopefully some of these lessons will stick.

Some things will take some getting used to. I could never have dreamed that going into a bank wearing a face mask would be ok…or that every retail store would be cordoned off in plexiglass-glass like a liquor store.

There are of course many things that the global pandemic taught us that I hope will not be forgotten. I will miss the smell of the sea and clean air. This will be replaced with raw sewage from the cars, scooters and trucks that came roaring back to life this morning. Hopefully it will inspire us to do more about urban transportation…(fingers in the air wiggling).

We also learned how critical our infrastructure is for business and personal communications. Families remained connected with voice, video and messaging applications. These services simply did not exist when I came into the .com era of Silicon Valley in the late 90’s. Unified Communications fantastic in so many ways! Organizations found that working from home actually can make a lot of sense; albeit with the right tools and team work.

At CommuniGate Systems our clients reminded us how mission critical their Unified Communications technology is for their organizational collaboration. We never stop smiling when we hear how rock solid stable the platform is and will never loose that focus on our secret sauce. In the highly regulated markets we serve, quality of service is paramount. We will move forward this day, but never forget the lessons learned during the quarantine. A global event on humanity that inevitably changed the way we communicate.

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