How energy companies hold the keys to Electric Car adoption

Most often the answers to complex issues are right in front of you. The problem of pollution, especially in places like French cities is caused by transportation. Namely diesel powered vehicles that spew out particulate and the scooters that have no filtration on their exhaust pipes. As much as we all recognize the source of the problem, the way to change this calamity is apparently elusive.

The blatantly known problem of urban parking is actually the pathway to widespread adoption of clean power cars…..

Who has the most to gain from electric car charging? The power company! Lets think about how much revenues the petroleum companies make today on transportation. Just poke you head out the window and breath deeply, smell that? The scent of diesel is the color of money for those guys.

Now, if you are the electric company, how do you increase your profits? Wait for the new versions of the iPhone to arrive and hope more people charge? Wait for the population to increase? 🙄

If a city really would like to have even say 10% of its population running around on EVs how do they do that? Wait for the car companies to do better marketing? Pufff……

What if the electric company realized that if just 10% of cars being electric powered means the revenues from the petroleum companies would now be transferred to them?  🤔

It seems clear to me that if a company like EDF would install charging/parking stations around major cities that are polluted (thanks to their competitors selling petroleum) they could link those stations with RFID badges to the EDF account nearly every citizen already has. Instant revenue growth.

When we listen to the problems of electric car adoption we typically hear about the range; but that overlooks the fact that EVs are most needed (because of pollution) in urban areas where 90% of the residents do not travel more than 50KM a day. Major cities should seek our partnerships with electric power companies to expand their revenue potential with partnerships for parking and charging. If city residents understood that they could park and charge inside the city with a power company badge, you will see electric car purchases soar.

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