Experiencing the transition

Eleven years ago I was getting on a plane from São Paulo to Romania. Many hours later, me and my also 17 years old girl friends were dropping our bags at the hostel and looking for a computer to let our parents know we got therIMG_6961e ok. No sight of a computer or internet. My poor parents worried sick for 3 days until we went to Austria and found a cyber cafe.

Today I live in Europe and call my parents, and even text my grandparents, whenever I want from anywhere on my phone.

The way we commuIMG_6959nicate changed so much in the last decade that today people like me are called “digital nomads”, which means that my job lets me move to a different continent without losing any work or changing my contract. I have never even met my boss in person! I know that she is blond with blue eyes because we are Facebook friends.

IMG_6960I had the opportunity to transition from a beautiful electric typing machine to a bulky white computer that allowed me not only to write my scary stories but also to play pinball and solitaire. The cool kids in school were starting to trade their walkman for diskman, but the real shock was when I came to class with my father’s – gigantic – cellphone. My dad loves technology and aways tried to keep up with the trends. I remember our first digital camera was big enough to carry a floppy disk that could storage up to three photos!!!

Kids nowadays are born touching screens and pressing buttons. Teenagers share every second of their days with the world and my grandma gets new recipes from the Web. Even though, communication skills are decreasing, at least the face-to-face type. With endless resources to express yourself on the keyboard, we are getting used to looking down at our devices to connect to people.


Everything is made available for us and is within reach. Controlling and screening the information we absorb is getting more and more difficult. Everything we have today is stored – from bank information to your medical history, from important transactions to a picture of your last meal. It is imperative to keep all this data secured and technology is advancing quickly to ensure that.

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