Managed Services Engineer

We are seeking new members to join our services team. The role is not a traditional support technician. Our clients seek our help in managing their CommuniGate Pro platform just like we are a part of their operations team. We monitor the system, provide updates, tuning, tweaking and enable better utilization of the product in their organization.

Our Managed Services Engineers go beyond the traditional “support” role. If this sounds like a way to leverage your geek skills we are a team looking for new members!

Optimal skills and experience for candidates:

– Should be very well versed in email and/or messaging systems on Unix / Linux / BSD platforms. SMTP, IMAP, XMPP, SIP

– Knowledge of real-time apps using XMPP, SIP or WebRTC a plus

– Strong troubleshooting skills / process of elimination

– Ability to communicate with clients as if they are colleagues through trust and appreciation no matter what skill levels

– Strong skills in Internet standards like DNS, networking, scripting

– Proven ability to work virtually as a team with global organization

– We are seeking several candidates in Europe and the USA. Language skills of French, German and English are a plus.

Apply by connecting to us through one of our offices or send your CV and cover letter to geekgigs @

Sales Engineer positions

We are looking for new members of the customer facing team to help our clients add value to their organizational collaboration. The Unified Communications platform CommuniGate Pro is highly adaptable with a rich set of APIs that requires our technical engineers to support diverse customer topologies.

Our Sales Engineer positions are available in the USA and the European region. The ideal candidates would love carrier scale messaging systems and enjoy helping clients on-site or through virtual sessions.

Skills for the ideal candidate:

– Strong in Unix or Linux or FreeBSD
– Should know email protocols on the command line, not click boxes
– Must know Internet fundamental protocols; DNS, TLS, SSL, TCP/IP
– Bonus to know real-time protocols; SIP, WebRTC and firewall tricks

We serve a wide variety of clients in the regulated industries marketplace. The position requires the ability to adapt and design systems with agility. Apply by connecting to us through one of our offices or send your CV and cover letter to geekgigs @

World Hosting Days 2016 – Rust Germany

This year we went to the WHD with our Bulgarian partner and had a great time not just being geeks and talking about hosting, platforms and APIs but we also had a little fun too.

Never would I imagine to have the chance to meet Pelé which me being Brazilian was a major lifetime experience never to be forgotten!




The “fun and games” atmosphere of the event, that took place at Europa Park in Rust, gave us the chance to take a look at what others are doing and to better relate and understand what our customers and partners expect from us.


When parking is about fitting the square in the round hole

There are many places in the world where the cars are as numerous as the people living in town. Nice France has a tradition of putting cars into any conceivable spot available. Sometimes this means when you come out of a store you will find a car double parked and blocking you. Other times it means you find cars in all sorts of weird, if not hilarious positions.


I will never forget seeing this quite expensive BMW slammed in between a parking pole and another car. I measured, and there was exactly 3cm of clearance. Alas I never did see how that one pulled out. But I have been given the pleasure personally to have my car literally slammed and pushed (in realtime) to make room for a fellow citizen of the Côte d’Azur on more than one occasion.