New office in Nice France!

We are pleased to announce our new CommuniGate Systems European office located in Nice France!

Choosing where to invest in a city was not a simple thing for us. We are now in business for over 28 years and we like plan for the long term! It was important for us to be able to serve our clients in the French speaking market with a location that is easy to connect with. At the same time it was paramount to building a team of excellent talent that whatever city we chose, would have or attract the best in the industry.

When asked by colleagues in the industry to explain a bit about our choice and the benefits it was a pleasure to share the wonderful aspects of the metro Nice region.

– Top of the list for us geeks was the superb internet connectivity. All the commercial buildings in the Ville de Nice have fiber and yes, also when you go home too! Our team members in San Francisco were amazed that even some of the 400 year old apartments here in Nice have fiber to the house, and it is under 30€ a month!

– Transportation can really suck when you are commuting to work in the major technology hubs of California and Europe. We found the recent investment in the new Tramway to be spot on. The system is low cost; about 1,5€ each direction. Plus there are subscriptions with discounts for our staff and it makes our visitors happy too!

– International and regional travel is top as well. The airport in Nice is perhaps one of the best we have seen. Currently #2 in France in terms of the flight volume and recently renovated with good taste. Big plus for the airport to us is that the tram goes right into both terminals making the hop into the city a snap.

– For many of us here at CommuniGate Systems the environment and the plan for the transition to electric powered transportation is important to support. We want to be an active participant of green transportation and not just talk about it. Nice is taking the lead with electric busses, EV charge stations in most every public parking or shopping centers and a new city expansion called the Eco Valley. This sector is is already home to many hi-tech and bio-tech companies with many zero energy buildings.

– Best of all Nice is very accustomed to intentional tourism and welcoming to visitors. The community has been international for more than 2 centuries.

To better serve our clients in the regulated industry our operations in France will provide managed services for Private and Hybrid Cloud topologies. Often times we are faced with the reality that regulatory requirements mean data center and staff must be on the territories we service.

Our staff here in Nice will be multi-lingual and have skill to provide the best services for the most demanding environments. For nearly three decades organizations have depended upon CommuniGate© products and services for their business communications. We strive to let your company have peace of mind while delivering the best innovation for unified communications on the marketplace.

Christmas and New Year event – Nice Côte d’Azur 2016

The CommuniGate Systems Christmas event this year was wonderful; not only was the weather awesome for some fun outside, but with our partners and clients it made the tours around Nice exceptionally memorable! This year we made the theme “niçois” which is the name of the culture in Nice that has specialties to eat, dress, and there is even the dialect to speak. Kind of a blend between French and Italian cultures with a lot of influence from the sea and marine lifestyle.

Durning the week we found the region to be a lot more peaceful and calm. The locals were happy and helpful in the markets around the Cours Saleya and Libération to greet and speak with us about the unique niçois facts about their history, products and the buildings around the “old town” part of the city. However, many of us found that the marché in Libération was very beautiful and reminiscent of markets in Paris along the rue Mouffetard.

Of course there was a good amount of fun with hats and Christmas themed poses under just about everyone’s iPhone; stretching the limits on storage and iCloud quota! But like any team of geeks we had more fun talking about the technology to filter and change the pictures perhaps than anything else.

Like all our events we try to mix in some sport activity and took this trip on the electric bikes that got us up to Mont Boron and around the Castle in the Port region and along the Sea towards Ville Franche and Monaco. We learned that the “e-bike” is really all about assistance to the rider and not like a motor bike or scooter. We had a good mix of Beach cruiser bikes, to BMX style and sport versions that have Bosch motors that can be, let me say, “enhanced”. Like all good electric devices, there is a logic board and controller and that means some good old fashioned programming changes can be a lot of fun ….. But if all else fails  you can always grab a soldering iron and use your high school tech-ed course principals and figure out how to “exchange” the resistors  for added “options”.

Spectacular views are some of the best features of the rolling hills in the region around Nice. The great part is that the climb up the hills is super fun with the electric bikes and the amount of places we could manage to visit in one afternoon was at least 3x more with a large group of people peddling with a little help from the technology from bosch.

One of the downsides of the precipice of mont Boron is that you really do not want to leave and stay on schedule. So like any good amount of southern European cultural influences we adopted the tardiness of our stop for lunch and arrived quite late back on the Port at “le Plongeoir”.

The restaurant is a great place to relax on the sea and not just enjoy the views but some awesome French cuisine. To keep with our theme, we exposed some of the culture of the restaurant history. Durning the belle Époque era there was actually a small ship attached to the rock and later on diving boards for guest to jump off into the sea that can still be seen today.

Our evenings were spent in the “marché de Noël” enjoying the Christmas themed snacks and foods. We also really liked the new fountain and park in the city center that was accordingly decorated to be Christmas like yet still clearly a sea side community.

25 years of software innovation!

Nothing is like it used to be! This anniversary was very special so we had to invite our close partners, customers and team to the best place on earth to celebrate…..Nice Côte d’Azur of course!

Our 25 years of innovation were celebrated during 3 days around the French Riviera and had as main attraction the Carnival de Nice.