CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.2

PBX: Voicemail

Your Account can be configured to start the voicemail application when you are busy, not available, or not answering.

This section describes the voicemail application and its features.

Launching VoiceMail

To specify when the voicemail application should accept your incoming calls, open the Call Control WebUser Interface page.

The voicemail application can be configured to start when:

A Router Default Record starts an Account voicemail application when a *nnn number is dialed, where nnn is an Account numeric alias.
This feature can be used by a receptionist to transfer or redirect certain calls directly to the callee's voicemail.

Recording Messages

The stock voicemail application performs the following operations:

Composing Voice Messages

Voice Messages are composed as voice-type E-mails and mailed to your Account.

Your Account Queue/Mail Rules will be applied to the voice messages before they are stored in your INBOX.
If you E-mail client does not support voice-type E-mails, you will see voice messages as audio-file attachments. You can play these messages by opening these attachments.

Accessing Services

You can use the voicemail application to start your service application when you cannot call from your own VoIP phone (for example, when you are calling from a PSTN phone via a gateway).

Press the * (star) symbol twice while listening to the greeting and/or the menu options. The application will ask you to enter your Access PIN. If the number is correct, the application switches you to the service application menu.

Calling Home

You can use the WebUser Interface to configure your Home PSTN Number.

The voicemail application compares the local part of the caller address (the phone number) with the Home PSTN Number value. If the tail of the address matches the specified value, the application asks the caller to enter the Access PIN and then it switches to the service application.

Since the application checks only the address tail, you can specify your Home PSTN Number as a local number, or as a number without the country code.

Alternative Number

You can use the WebUser Interface to configure the Alternative Number. If callers press the 9 button, they are transferred to the Alternative Number.
For example, you can specify the pbx or operator address with this setting, so the callers can transfer themselves to the company automatic or live attendant if they do not want to leave a voicemail for you.

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