CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.2

Version 2.x Revision History

 RSS 2.9.1 09-Mar-99
  • Bug Fix: the new Router scanner did not cut trailing spaces from the parsed names.
2.9 08-Mar-99
  • PIPE: delivery to external applications is implemented.
  • WebUser/Domains: The Add Trailer Domain Option is implemented.
  • Router: the parser is modified to accept quotation marks in addresses.
  • WebUser: the In-Reply-To header is no added to reply messages composed using the WebUser Interface.
  • IMAP: part filename and charset data are now included into the BODYSTRUCTURE responses.
  • LIST: now existing subscribers can always confirm their subscriptions and can unsubscribe.
  • Bug Fix: the All Domains And Account Settings access right worked as Master Right in 2.9b3-2.9b5 versions.
  • Bug Fix: Redirect/Forward/Mirror operations in the Account-Level Rules used the empty (<>) address instead of the full account name.
2.9b5 27-Feb-99 2.9b4 18-Feb-99 2.9b3 05-Feb-99 2.9b2 22-Jan-99 2.9b1 20-Dec-98
2.8 06-Dec-98 2.8b3 29-Nov-98 2.8b2 17-Nov-98 2.8b1 08-Nov-98
2.7 26-Oct-98 2.7b2 20-Oct-98 2.7b1 16-Oct-98
2.6.4 07-Oct-98 2.6.3 01-Oct-98 2.6.1 19-Sep-98 2.6 03-Sep-98 2.6b4 31-Aug-98 2.6b3 25-Aug-98 2.6b2 20-Aug-98 2.6b1 10-Aug-98 2.5b3 31-Jul-98 2.5b2 23-Jul-98 2.5b1 22-Jul-98 2.2b1 20-Jun-98 2.1b3 10-Jun-98 2.1b2 27-May-98 2.1b1 25-May-98 2.0b3 11-May-98 2.0b2 05-May-98 2.0b1 27-Apr-98
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