CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.2

Version 1.x Revision History


1.0b4 08-Mar-98

  • Multiple Account Domains are implemented.
  • Hierarchical Mailboxes are implemented.
  • RFC1870 - SMTP "SIZE" extension support is implemented.
  • RFC2180 - IMAP multi-access details are corrected.
  • RFC2088 - IMAP non-synchronizing literals are implemented.
  • RFC1077 - IMAP IDLE command is implemented.
  • The Account Info databases are implemented.
  • The Last Login Time, Last Login IP is stored in the Account Info.
  • The IMAP UIDValidity / UIDNext functionality is implemented.
  • The IMAP RECENT functionality is implemented.
  • The POP LAST command is implemented.
  • Independent UIDs for every Mailbox are implemented.
  • Sizes of folder-type accounts are calculated dynamically now.
  • The marked/unmarked Mailboxes status is indicated in IMAP now.
  • IP multihoming is supported.
  • Multi-domain support based on multihoming is implemented.
  • Multi-domain support based on @ and % symbols is implemented in POP, IMAP, PWD and HTTP modules.
  • Bug fix: when the SMTP module was receiving a letter with a line starting with "." followed with an empty line, the Server crashed.
1.0b3 20-Feb-98 1.0b2 09-Feb-98 1.0b1 03-Feb-98 1.0b0 02-Feb-98
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