New office in Nice France!

We are pleased to announce our new CommuniGate Systems European office located in Nice France!

Choosing where to invest in a city was not a simple thing for us. We are now in business for over 28 years and we like plan for the long term! It was important for us to be able to serve our clients in the French speaking market with a location that is easy to connect with. At the same time it was paramount to building a team of excellent talent that whatever city we chose, would have or attract the best in the industry.

When asked by colleagues in the industry to explain a bit about our choice and the benefits it was a pleasure to share the wonderful aspects of the metro Nice region.

– Top of the list for us geeks was the superb internet connectivity. All the commercial buildings in the Ville de Nice have fiber and yes, also when you go home too! Our team members in San Francisco were amazed that even some of the 400 year old apartments here in Nice have fiber to the house, and it is under 30€ a month!

– Transportation can really suck when you are commuting to work in the major technology hubs of California and Europe. We found the recent investment in the new Tramway to be spot on. The system is low cost; about 1,5€ each direction. Plus there are subscriptions with discounts for our staff and it makes our visitors happy too!

– International and regional travel is top as well. The airport in Nice is perhaps one of the best we have seen. Currently #2 in France in terms of the flight volume and recently renovated with good taste. Big plus for the airport to us is that the tram goes right into both terminals making the hop into the city a snap.

– For many of us here at CommuniGate Systems the environment and the plan for the transition to electric powered transportation is important to support. We want to be an active participant of green transportation and not just talk about it. Nice is taking the lead with electric busses, EV charge stations in most every public parking or shopping centers and a new city expansion called the Eco Valley. This sector is is already home to many hi-tech and bio-tech companies with many zero energy buildings.

– Best of all Nice is very accustomed to intentional tourism and welcoming to visitors. The community has been international for more than 2 centuries.

To better serve our clients in the regulated industry our operations in France will provide managed services for Private and Hybrid Cloud topologies. Often times we are faced with the reality that regulatory requirements mean data center and staff must be on the territories we service.

Our staff here in Nice will be multi-lingual and have skill to provide the best services for the most demanding environments. For nearly three decades organizations have depended upon CommuniGate© products and services for their business communications. We strive to let your company have peace of mind while delivering the best innovation for unified communications on the marketplace.