Integration OpenLDAP and CommuniGate Pro

Download the module for the integration of OpenLDAP and CommuniGate Pro here >>.

Slapo-CGP is an overlay-interface of OpenLDAP, which is intended to synchronize data between OpenLDAP and CommuniGate Pro. Slapo-CGP uses the OpenLDAP module back_sock to register changes in the OpenLDAP database, if an entry is created/deleted or an entry attributes are changed. Based on the user defined OpenLDAP attributes to CGPro settings translation rules the Slapo-CGP server performs synchronization using the PWD protocol.

1. Make sure that the back_sock module is included into your OpenLDAP (back_sock* files should be present in the folder /usr/lib/ldap/).

2. Load the module. For the dynamic configuration use ldapmodify with the following .ldif:

dn: cn=module,cn=config
changetype: add

For the static configuration add the following into your slapd.conf:

moduleload back_sock

3. Create an overlay of the type sock for your OpenLDAP database. For the dynamic configuration use ldapadd with the following .ldif:

dn: olcOverlay={0}sock,olcDatabase={n}xxx,cn=config
objectClass: olcOvSocketConfig
olcOverlay: sock
olcDbSocketPath: /var/tmp/slapd.sock
olcOvSocketOps: add modify delete

where olcDatabase={n}xxx is the needed database.

For the static configuration add the following into your slapd.conf after the corresponding database declaration:

overlay sock
socketpath /var/tmp/slapd.sock
sockops add modify delete

4. Make sure that you have PERL installed, install the CGP::CLI module:

5. Copy slapo-cgpd into /etc/init.d/, make sure that the file is executable.

6. Open slapo-cgp with a text editor and specify the CGPro server address, postmaster login and password and LDAP attribute names -> CGPro setting names translation in the corresponding script variables.

7. Copy slapo-cgp into /etc/ldap/, make sure that the file owner is openldap and the file is executable.

8. Create the log file /var/log/slapo-cgp.log and set openldap as its owner.

At this point you can start slapo-cgp with the following command:

# service slapo-cgpd start

The process can be stopped as follows:

# service slapo-cgpd stop

To get more info about the OpenLDAP integration write to