Integration Active Directory and CommuniGate Pro

Download the module for the integration of Active Directory and CommuniGate Pro here >>.

ADSync-CGP is a solution that integrates Active Directory with CommuniGate Pro. The application runs as Windows service and notifies CGPro about changes in Active Directory. ADSync-CGP supports entry creation, modification and deletion procedures. The application connects to CGPro using the PWD protocol.

In order to install and configure the service please perform the following actions:

1. Unpack the archive.

2. Install the application using the ADSync-CGPSetup.msi file.

3. Proceed to the application directory (by default it is C:\Program Files\CommuniGate Systems\ADSync-CGP) and open the .config file in a text editor. Specify the following parameters in the XML:
ADBaseDN - base DN for change notification entries, you can specify the needed DNs separated by the sign "|" (pipe);
ADAccountNameAttribute - name of the attribute which value will be used as CGPro account name;
ADCGAccountStatus - the attribute name which value indicates the account status in CGPro;
ADCGAccountStatusCheck - if the parameter value is "match" then ADCGAccountStatus attribute value is checked to match the allowed account status as substring, otherwise account status attribute value should be equal to one of the allowed statuses ("enabled"/"disabled"/"deleted");
ADObjectClass - the object class name to filter the changed entities, if an entity is changed in AD and it does not correspond to the specified object class then the notification is ignored;
CGPro* - CGPro connection parameters;
LogDir - directory to keep the utility logs;
LogLevel - log level of the utility (1-5);
LogSizeLimit - size limit of a log file in MB;
LogRotationPeriod - log files older then the parameter value (in days) will be rotated;
CacheSize - internal utility settings cache size, the cache can reduce the load on the CGPro server, it allows to ignore the notification events which do not require any CGPro synchronization actions;

4. In the configuration file specify the AD attribute to CGPro setting mapping for synchronization using the following format:
<add key="ADAttribute" value="CGProSetting" />
For example:
<add key="givenName" value="RealName" />

5. Proceed to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and start the service ADSync-CGP.

The service system events can be found at Control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.

Please note, that when the application is upgraded you need to start the service manually. The configuration file is not rewritten during the upgrade process.

To get more info about the ActiveDirectory integration write to